Story of Momiji (Japanese maple leaf)





Momiji (Japanese maple) have been beloved and praised in countless poems for centuries. Stunning scene of mountains colored with red momiji attracts Japanese people and foreign visitors. We use momiji to develop various products so that momiji would play more roles in modern Japanese culture.

Autumn leaves you found outside of Japan are not the same as the ones you'd seen in Japan. In Europe and North America, most of maple trees are coniferous trees that turn yellow in the fall. On a contrary, most of Japanese maple trees are broadleaf trees that turn various colors, ranging from greenish-yellow, orange to red. The country's mountainous landscape with vivid colors is a symbol of autumn in Japan that has been passed on for centuries.



  • ドライもみじ葉
  • もみじ茶
  • もみじエキスFD パウダー