Eating is one of mankind’s strongest desires. It is through eating that people have flourished on the earth more than any other animals. It is only through eating food that people continue to exist. The quality of our foods and the livelihood they build will continue to improve. Our foods will become even more SAFE, HEALTHY, DELICIOUS, and ENJOYABLE, which will help us to live PEACEFUL live. It can be said that a peaceful society is based on good eating. Food is foundation as well as proof of national survival. Also, we believe that encounter with unique food culture of other nations can enrich understanding between nations and build friendship.
This is why Youki Trading believes that dealing in food is so important. It is my great pleasure, and that of all Youki Trading staff, to deepen international exchanges and promote trust through the contributions in food business. Youki Trading Co., Ltd. is a dynamic company supplying delicious, safe, healthy and unique food products from all over the world. We look forward to your kind advice and guidance on these important matters. Please join us in our sincere effort to make sour society a better place for us all.

Chika Kyo,President